We are a Colorado Springs estate sale company.  At our core, we do estate sales... But what goes into our estate sales? Here is just some of what we can do for you!


We handle the advertising!  We get paid based on what gets sold.  You want everything gone.  It's a win-win!  So we advertise in newspapers, online, estate sale websites, and social media.  We also send out email invitations to everyone on our exclusive list of active buyers, and the list keeps growing!  Finally, we try to grab the drive-by traffic by placing directional signs the day of the sale.  You never know who might want to buy your stuff!

If you want special advertising that goes beyond our included marketing, just ask!  We will gladly work something out with you!


To be effective in this business, you have to be organized.  No, not YOU, us!  We will handle it all.  We sort, organize, prepare, display, and make accessible all of the items in the sale.  We strategically stage and merchandise so that the items are in front of the right buyer at the right time.  We handle all the required licenses, permits, permissions and liability insurance required for the sale; the only thing you need to have is homeowners' insurance.  In order to be this organized, we will need access to the house for a minimum of two weeks prior to the sale.  We want everything to be "just right" for the convenience of the buyers in order to maximize your profit!


Our goal is to sell as much as possible at the highest price someone attending the sale will pay.  We set all the prices, decide when to give discounts, and negotiate (tough but fair) with buyers in order to consummate a sale while maximizing the your profit.  We take the time to consider, research, and evaluate the items being sold; and if certain valuable items are outside our level of expertise, we engage outside appraisers at our own expense.  We will always strive to establish and price items at fair market value.

Post Sale Services

Many companies finish the sale and leave the clean up to you.  We go the extra mile.  We offer a range of clean up services including donating unsold items (you get the tax write off!), clean out of items that can't be donated, and cleaning services ranging from sweeping up to a top-to-bottom professional cleaning leaving the home ready for a real estate agent to list.  

Speaking of real estate services.  Our owners are licensed real estate agents with Equity Colorado Real Estate.  If you need to sell the house, ask us to put on our real estate hats, and we can help you there too!