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First off -

We are cousins!


Matthew Stanley and Leah Blue-Jones are the owners of Purple Mountain Estate Solutions.  We think we may understand what you are going through that has caused you to look up our website today.  We have both experienced losing loved ones.  We have both uprooted our lives and moved across the country.  We have both faced decisions about what to do with material possessions both of loved ones and our own.  We both know the anxiety, fear, and burden that you are now facing...


And we want to help you!

Matthew and Leah are cousins originally from California.  We both decided that Colorado was a much better fit for our families, and we are so glad we the Colorado Springs area our home!  We have been in business together as real estate partners and as owners of Purple Mountain.  We enjoy working together and solving our clients' concerns and crises.  Together we have more than 15 years in sales. 


Matthew has a Bachelors Degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in History and has a love of anything that connects us to our past and a desire to preserve it for the future.  He has been collecting various items for most of his life, starting with his comic book collection when he was just a kid. Today, his collecting interests tend towards mineral specimens. 


Leah has a Bachelors Degree from California State University, where she extensively studied Art & Architectural History.  She has been involved in the antique and collectible business for years in one form or another; from owning an antique store in Southern California to running estate sales and selling at antique fairs. 


We bring our passions to every estate sale we hold!